Day 20!


Was intended for Inktober, but I like the softness too much to ink it D:

There’s still time!  (Д)

Just figured out why pictures looked so annoyingly blurry on my dash

…it was zoomed in a little ”OTL

When a drawing just goes smoothly from start to finish <3

Day 18!


Warm up doodle!

Quick doodle, don’t look too closely (/A\)

Day 17! Have a thing for rounded stars recently


Everything looks blurry on my dash /(.-.)\

Day 16!! Saved by tea! Or coffee, w/e

Had time for a whole page today! =u= Colour is watercolour as I only have b+w ink, I hope it counts ahaha;;;;


Fluffy bunnies!

Day 14~!

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Hi everyone! I apologize for how long it’s taken me, but CrayonChewer Shop is officially opening back up on Wednesday (October 15th) at 9AM PST! There’s now over 120 products to pick from, (waaaay up from the original 5), so I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

Everything is back in stock,…

Day 13!

I keep drawing really small things, will draw something bigger when I have time /(.-.)\


Day 11!



Little vent doodle~

Day 8! Uploaded really late sorry. Busy busy!!


Quick flower doodle last night~

Day 7!

It’s raining it’s pouring~

Fortunately rain stopped before I had to walk to work!

Day 6!


Inktober day 5! Didn’t get to upload it yesterday (;A゚)